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Photo: Stephen Thompson shows off badly swollen broken hand suffered at UFC Orlando

Check out this photo of Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson’s broken hand that he sustained in his UFC Orlando main event match with Kevin Holland.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson put on a stellar performance last Saturday at UFC Orlando when he defeated Kevin Holland in the main event — after a broken hand snowballed into a corner stoppage in between the fourth and fifth rounds.

Now that Thompson has had some time to be fully examined by a doctor, he just announced some unfortunate news on his social media. The self-deprecating ‘Wonderboy’ posted a photo of both of his hands, with one appearing to be normal, and the other looking like it belongs to the Nutty Professor.

His post states, “Just received word from the doctor that [I] have broken my 2nd & 3rd metacarpals in my left hand.”

In a positive spin Thompson also mentioned, “Thankfully bones aren’t displaced so no surgery is required.” Not needing surgery should drastically reduce ‘Wonderboy’’s recovery, which means he’ll be able to compete again sooner rather than later.

Joking about the fact that both he and Holland came out of their war with broken hands, Thompson concluded his post with, “Not sure when in the fight it happened but I guess @trailblaze2top [Kevin Holland] head is almost as hard as mine #ThickSkulls #SkullConditioning #UFCOrlando.”

If you missed it then you messed up, because the bout was fantastic and earned Fight of the Night honors. Thompson got clipped early on and had to overcome some adversity to survive. There were also rarely seen fan-favorite moments, like when a fighter complies with a gentleman’s agreement to not fight on the floor, by simply standing up and relinquishing their dominant positions. Ultimately, ‘Wonderboy’ battled back with a varied attack of punches and kicks to overtake the match and secure the victory.