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UFC betting odds: Conor McGregor opens up as the betting favorite over Michael Chandler

Conor McGregor has opened up as the betting favorite in a possible matchup with Michael Chandler. 

It’s no secret that UFC president Dana White is quite fond of the idea of Conor McGregor’s return matchup being against the ever-exciting Michael Chandler. With McGregor allegedly looking to make a return to competition after healing up from his gruesome leg break, and Chandler coming up short in three of his last four, it seems like the chances are higher than ever for this explosive scrap to actually get booked. And now we have betting odds!

Despite getting finished in back to back fights against Dustin Poirier (leg break included), the oddsmakers are believing that McGregor’s leg will not be a factor and favor “The Notorious” over Chandler.

Conor is clocking in with a favored moneyline of -155, with a $100 gamble standing to get a total return of $166.67. “Iron” Mike is currently listed with an underdog value of +135, and dropping a hundo at those odds could potentially payout $235 altogether.

There are so many x-factors going on with McGregor here, but let’s try and push those to the side and look at the stylistic matchup.

On the feet, Conor would have the height and reach advantage that he is so great at utilizing. While Chandler packs a hefty wallop, McGregor is still the harder, cleaner, and longer puncher of the two. Chandler is surely the better pure wrestler out there, but he is more known for wild striking shootouts than he is for his ground attacks. We should also mention the fact that McGregor’s ground game is much better than people want to believe.

So without the x-factors it makes sense to give McGregor a favored position, but the smallest glance at those x-factors might be enough to scare away most bettors from laying the chalk.

Check out the betting odds for Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler, courtesy of

**Fight must take place before December 30, 2023 for action.

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