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Photo: Dustin Poirier undergoes surgery on badly infected foot

Speedy recovery and well wishes to ‘The Diamond’!

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Dustin Poirier is on the road to recovery after undergoing surgery on his left foot.

The former interim UFC lightweight champion was admitted to the hospital for a severe staph infection recently. Fortunately, Poirier responded to antibiotics and was released from the hospital. Unfortunately, he was readmitted shortly after.

According to his wife, Jolie, a follow-up MRI revealed Dustin had an abscess that needed to be ‘opened and drained’. That required surgery, which he successfully underwent on Thursday.

“For those asking about Dustin’s foot...He has a bad staph infection that started Saturday, didn’t respond to oral antibiotics and he was unable to walk,” wrote Jolie on her Instagram. “Sunday, we went into the ER and they admitted him for cellulite. They released him early Wednesday morning, but after a second MRI, it showed there was an abscess that needs to be opened and drained. So now, he’s back in the hospital for surgery. I’ll post an update once he’s out. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support.”

As promised, Jolie provided an update. And Dustin gave one, too.

“Surgery went well, and just like they expected,” wrote Jolie. “Now on to recovery.”

“About to bounce back! Nobody’s safe,” wrote Dustin. “Everyone talking s—t and kicking when I’m down, that’s coward movements. I want all the smoke. El Diamante.”

There is word yet on when Poirier expects to return.

The ‘Diamond’ was previously in action at UFC 281, where he submitted Michael Chandler in a ‘Fight of the Night’ awarded appearance.