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Dustin Poirier shares nasty photo of staph infection, hospital release expected for today

Dustin Poirier shared a nasty photo of his staph infection, and announced that he’ll be released from the hospital today.

Former UFC interim lightweight champion, Dustin Poirier, was admitted to the hospital over the weekend for a short-notice bout with a pretty serious staph infection. Poirier has been keeping his supporters in the loop by dropping updates on his social media platforms.

“The Diamond” has informed everyone that the doctor let him know that this bacteria that’s been running a muck actually doesn’t know any Jiu-Jitsu, so Dustin should be safe. Let this be a learning moment for all other bacteria out there. Show up to BJJ class!

Included in his updates is a horrific picture of the aftermath of his infected foot. The roughed up appendage looks like it got ran over a bus, and then had to fight Francis N’Gannou for five rounds. His ankle is still badly swollen in the photo, with the only caption from Poirier reading, ‘Wut da helllll.’

It turns out the doctors were right about the weak ground game of the staph infection. Poirier pulled an antibiotics guard that he says is working perfectly, and expects to be released from the hospital today (December 7th). Kudos to Dustin for taking this fight with staph, and good to see him claim another glorious victory from a very game opponent.

Before stopping staph in the championship rounds, Poirier was last seen last month pulling off a fantastic third round finish in his wild war with Michael Chandler at UFC 281. If you haven’t caught that fight yet, then I suggest you stop whatever you’re doing and go straight to viewing it. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200. There is no word yet of who will be Poirier’s next opponent, but we can all hope that his next fight takes place in a cage, and not a hospital bed.