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‘Can’t compete like a real man’, UFC fighters react to T.J. Dillashaw’s retirement

See how fighters reacted to T.J. Dillashaw’s retirement.

Well, it’s official: T.J. Dillashaw has retired.

His manager confirmed the news after initial reports suggested the former two-time UFC bantamweight champion had decided to hang up the gloves due to a shoulder injury that cost him his title fight with Aljamain Sterling this past October.

Most fighters reacted to the news with skepticism, with UFC bantamweight Ricky Simon and top-fifteen middleweight Chris Curtis suggesting Dillashaw is using his “retirement” to leave USADA’s drug-testing pool and recover from his injury. Other fighters, such as ex-teammate turned rival Cody Garbrandt, blasted the now-retired fighter over previous use of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

“So by him “retiring” he gets to exit the USADA testing protocols? I bet he comes back after a full recovery .”

“So we are all against competing while on PEDS, but how do you guys feel about someone purposely removing themselves from the pool to use them to heal from serious injury? Is this cheating? Unsportsmanlike?”

“I wish Dillaroids a speedy recovery. I don’t want any fellow colleagues to have long lasting physical damage. Whatever he needs to do to get back to 100% is fine in my book. Just know a 2nd smoke sess will always be here waiting for him.”

T.J. Dillashaw leaves the sport as one of the most decorated and accomplished fighters in UFC history, having won the bantamweight title twice and defended it three times, with championship victories against Renan Barao, Joe Soto, and Cody Garbrandt.