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Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN FF video: AJ McKee Jr. wins unanimous nod over Roberto de Souza

Check out the full fight video highlights of AJ McKee Jr. vs. Roberto de Souza from the Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN FF main event.

AJ McKee Jr. won a unanimous nod over Roberto de Souza in the Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN FF main event
AJ McKee Jr. won a unanimous nod over Roberto de Souza in the Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN FF main event
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The main event for Bellator MMA vs. RIZIN FF took place in the lightweight division and saw Bellator’s former featherweight champion, AJ McKee Jr, take a unanimous decision over RIZIN’s 155-pound champion, Roberto de Souza. This does not make McKee RIZIN’s new champion, but it does solidify a 5-0 shutout for Bellator MMA over RIZIN FF. Props to both promotion’s for not being afraid to pit their best fighters against each other. It’s just healthy for the sport of MMA, and fun for the fans.

McKee got out to a good start in this one. He realized top position early in the first round, and spent quite some time there. From his back, Souza launched several triangle attempts, but only one of them was sort of close. McKee did a great job of not only defending, but also dishing out ground strikes while on top.

The second act heated up, with Souza coming out aggressive and McKee answering with his own urgency. The fighters started to exchange combos, with McKee scoring clean punches but Souza coming up with the bigger moments with his head kicks. Souza also took the back this round, but as soon as McKee escaped he started to deliver punishment.

The third round saw both men botch early submission attempts to give up position. First, McKee failed at a D’arce attempt to end up on the bottom. Then, Souza jumped a guillotine to relinquish his dominant position. In a scramble, Souza ended up taking the back and McKee stood to his feet. McKee did a Granby roll to try and free himself, but Souza was ready for it. Souza maintained the backpack and worked for an RNC as time expired.

Check out our description of the opening round of AJ McKee Jr. vs. Roberto de Souza:


Souza botched a takedown to get things going, allowing McKee to get on top. Souza kept throwing his legs up for a triangle, but McKee defended well and returned some ground strikes while he had some seperation. One of Souza’s attempts got somewhat close, but McKee’s posture and defense was too strong so Roberto had to let go. McKee landed some more ground and pound, and even tried a flying face stomp towards the end of the round.

AJ McKee Jr. def. Roberto de Souza by unanimous decision: Lightweight