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‘I believe there’s more value in this fight’ — Daniel Cormier says Jorge Masvidal should reconsider Michael Chandler

The UFC Hall of Famer explains why Masvidal should entertain a fight against Chandler. 

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Daniel Cormier wants Jorge Masvidal to reconsider a potential fight against Michael Chandler.

Shortly after his loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 281 this past November, ‘Iron’ started to consider options for his next Octagon appearance. One of them was a fight with ‘Gamebred’ for the ‘Baddest Mother F—ker’ (BMF) belt, which he thought would ‘get the juices flowing of the entire mixed martial arts world’. In response, Masvidal rejected Chandler, telling Mike Heck of MMA Fighting that beating him would do nothing for his career.

But Cormier believes Masvidal beating Chandler would do something for his career. On an episode of 3 Rounds with Daniel Cormier, the UFC Hall of Famer explains why Chandler would be valuable to Masvidal, especially if he wants one more shot at the UFC welterweight championship.

“I believe there’s more value in this fight for Masvidal than he even believes,” said Cormier. “He seems to still want to be champion, and I think that the first step in trying to be a champion is exactly what he’s doing — trying to get on the same card as Kamaru Usman and Leon Edwards because, as we saw before, that’s how he got his first championship fight.

“I think he needs to recognize that there’s more value in the Chandler fight than he believes because it might just get him closer to what he wants, and that’s another shot at the welterweight championship,” continued Cormier. “But the first thing you’ve got to do is find a way to get on that card, and if no one else is available, that guy in Tennessee would step up right away. He’d be ready to scrap with you.”

Masvidal has yet to return since losing a unanimous decision to Colby Covington at UFC 272 in March.