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You’re a ‘p-ssy’ to cut that much weight - Marlon Vera slams Aljamain Sterling

“I’m 155 pounds in or out of camp.”

Aljamain Sterling poses during the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 280.
Aljamain Sterling poses during the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 280.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

UFC bantamweight contender Marlon Vera recently put reigning champion Aljamain Sterling on blast over Sterling’s pre-fight prep. For ‘Chito,’ cutting a large amount of weight—as Sterling seems to do—is just another form of “cheating.”

“I think he’s too big to make the weight class,” Vera told Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith in a recent episode of the Believe You Me Podcast. “Cutting that much weight is cheating to me.

“You’re kind of like a pussy to cut that much weight because you want to be bigger, stronger. Because he really doesn’t hurt nobody, but he makes you carry his weight, take you down…”

Sterling recently posted a video on social media, showing him tipping the scales at 176 pounds. “Funkmaster,” says it’s him “enjoying the fruits of his labor,” but for Vera, it’s a way of getting the unfair advantage of being much bigger than the rest of the division.

“I’m 155 pounds in or out of camp. I feel like that’s a natural 135-pounder, and I still think I cut a shit lot of weight because 20 pounds is a lot. That motherf—r weighs like 170, 180 pounds when he’s eating f—ng god knows what.

“That’s why he’s been KOd unconscious because of the amount of weight he cuts. If you touch him, he might go down, so…”

Vera (20-7-1), who is on an impressive four-fight win streak, will face Cory Sandhagen on February 18.