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‘It’s the fountain of youth’ - Muscle-bound Donald Cerrone openly discusses steroid use

Donald Cerrone is open about PED use in his retirement.

UFC 246 Press Conference Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

39-year-old Donald Cerrone recently posted training photos where he looked pretty jacked and seems to have gained a lot of muscle mass just a few months into his retirement from mixed martial arts.

While many in the MMA community speclated on possible PED use after seeing the photos, apparently that isn’t something “Cowboy” is hiding. The longterm UFC veteran has been open about injecting steroids now that he isn’t competing anymore, and credits it for his new physique.

“I was just literally yesterday in Vegas, I was telling everybody like I understand why steroids are illegal now that I’m injecting them into my body,” Cerrone said in a recent Calabasas Fight Companion podcast (HT to BE reader @PYeezy_6).

“I feel like I’m f—king 20 again,” he said. “The training would never stop. You could just literally train as hard as you wanted to, (then) wake up the next day recovered and fresh.

“Recovery would be the biggest (improvement). It’s the fountain of youth.”

Cerrone perfectly illustrated how PEDs can give a sizable advantage, but none of this should be an issue now that he isn’t fighting professionally anymore.

Cowboy retired after losing to Jim Miller in July 2022, and is now trying to break into Hollywood and get more acting roles, where a more camera-friendly physique could conceivably help.