The Uncertain Future of Darren Till

Hey everyone, happy holidays! I wrote this article a few weeks ago, before UFC 282, but I only discovered this fanposts section afterwards. I figured the main question of the article- what will become of Darren Till - is now more relevant than ever due to the fact that he lost. I feel like he has one more chance to win a fight in the UFC or he's getting cut, but who knows... What do you guys think?

As the day draws closer, and we all ponder what exactly may transpire at UFC 282, many questions begin to emerge. After the shocking defeats off all 3 Pound-for-pound champs in the last 6 months, we can all take comfort in the fact that nothing quite that distressing even has the chance to happen this weekend. The biggest possible shock would be Paddy being knocked out, which always seem possible, but unlikely. How Pimblett will fare against the very tough Jared Gordon is certainly at the forefront of all our minds this weekend though. How good is Magomed Ankalaev? Will he make easy work of Jan Blachowicz or will the legendary Polish power be too much for the Russian wrestler? Will it be Bryce Mitchell or Ilia Topuria who will emerge victorious and thus remain undefeated? Of all these questions, I think there is little doubt that the biggest question of all going into this Saturday, is what will become of Darren Till.

After defeating Donald Cerrone and then Wonderboy, many thought Till could be the next Champ at welterweight. When he got his chance he was submitted by Tyrone Woodley at UFC 228, but the future still seemed bright for Till. That all changed on March 16, 2019 when Till was brutally knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in front of his proud countrymen at the 02 arena in London. The soaring rise to super stardom that he was experiencing in the UK was quickly and abruptly grounded. Not to say that Darren Till is not still much beloved in England still, but this shocking defeat seems to have taken away the English fight fans confidence in Darren, and more importantly, his confidence in himself. He has never quite seemed the same since that infamous day in London. His last defeat against Derek Brunson was not competitive and was tough to watch. Till is such a likable guy that watching him lose like this can be downright upsetting to see. This is what made him so popular of a fighter in the first place when he was winning, but also why so much is at stake for him on Saturday night. No one wants to see Darren lose again, especially not the English fans who will certainly all be watching out of respect for Till and his fellow scouser Paddy Pimblett. If Darren Till cannot get it done this weekend and earn the win over Dricus Du Plessis, then the future will become very uncertain for him. I for one, will be anxiously waiting to see what happens, and of course rooting for Darren to show us what he’s truly made of.

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