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BKFC president to present Nate Diaz with an offer too good to pass up

UFC legend Nate Diaz could be headed to BKFC.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva
Nate Diaz is now a free agent.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

BKFC president David Feldman is still “aggressively” pursuing Nate Diaz, stating that he is going to make the UFC veteran an offer he can’t refuse.

Diaz is currently a free agent, having completed his contract with the UFC earlier this year. This has opened the door for organizations like BKFC to make their pitch and try to bring Diaz into their fold.

Feldman has not revealed exactly how much money he has offered Diaz, but hinted that it may be a deal the Californian won’t be able to say no to.

In an interview with, Feldman said: “We definitely reached out. They do have a window where they can’t negotiate or talk about deals because it is a re-negotiation period with the UFC and we respected that. We did reach out not knowing when that was. We have another week or so before we can make an offer. I think the offer we will make him is gonna be hard for him to say no, unless he just doesn’t want to do this. That is a possibility. Look, the guy is a legend, he’s a warrior, he’s been in with every one and this might not be his cup of tea. But, if it is, I’m pretty sure we can sway him over here.”

Feldman also mentioned the potential for a bare-knuckle slugfest between Diaz and Mike Perry, saying “Absolutely, I think him and Mike Perry would move the needle for us tremendously. There are a lot of other guys that are out there that we are going after that would be great for us.”

It remains to be seen if Diaz will take BKFC up on their offer, but it’s clear that the bare-knuckle organization is making a big push to sign him. Diaz is also pursuing potential avenues in boxing, teasing a mega-fight with YouTube star Jake Paul as well as launching his own promotion, Real Ninjas Inc., next year.