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Conor McGregor has ‘so much respect’ for Zion Clark, who says MMA debut is ‘just the start’

Conor McGregor shouts out Zion Clark on Twitter.

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Zion Clark is an MMA fighter born without any legs.
Photo by Casey Sykes/Fan Controlled Football/Getty Images

Zion Clark has caught the attention of Conor McGregor, with the UFC superstar paying his respects to “No Excuses” following his successful MMA debut against Eugene Murray, who he beat via unanimous decision.

McGregor, a former UFC two-division champion, is fascinated by what Clark could potentially achieve in MMA, congratulating the disabled fighter and former All-American wrestler (33-15) on his first pro-MMA win against an able-bodied fighter.

“Absolutely fascinating to hear about this man’s debut and now see it,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “Lighting entry on the low single. Wow! You should not connect to him in any shape or form. Frames only. Frame to strike. Fascinating! Congrats and so much respect to that man Zion Clark! Mma is the best sport!”

“Can’t kick as he is grounded opponent,” McGregor added. “The only way to stop him is to develop [knockout] ending shots mid transitions in grappling. Very few on the planet possess this skill. And to [three-quarter] way downward punch a jab there is just no power. Look at opponents attempt before the shot. Wild!”

Clark, born without legs due to a rare condition called caudal regression syndrome, thanked McGregor for his support and promised the Irishman that ‘this is just the start’ of what could be a promising career in mixed martial arts.

“Appreciate the love and respect @TheNotoriousMMA this is just the start for me I’m excited to see how far I can take my fight game! I proved the doubters wrong in wrestling becoming an All American and D1 Wrestler. All respect,” Clark posted.

“Absolutely legendary!” McGregor wrote back to Clark, who beat Murray at a Gladiator Challenge event this past weekend.

It remains to be seen what will become of Clark (1-0) in MMA, but it will be interesting to see how his career progresses and which opponents will be willing to step into the cage with him.