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‘Jake is far from a Nazi’ - Matt Brown defends Shields, slams Mike Jackson for pressing charges

UFC veteran Matt Brown has taken Jake Shields’ side in this ongoing beef with Mike Jackson.

Matt Brown celebrates his UFC Columbus win over Bryan Barberena in March.
Matt Brown celebrates his UFC Columbus win over Bryan Barberena in March.
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

UFC veteran Matt Brown is taking Jake Shields’ side in the ongoing issue with welterweight Mike Jackson. Because of insults exchanged via Twitter, the beef spilled over into a tussle on Friday at the UFC Performance Institute.

A few days later, Jackson went on record, stating he would press charges against Shields, whom he referred to as a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘white nationalist.’ Jackson also claimed that Shields has now been banned from the P.I.

Given the controversial and outspoken stances of both men on certain hot topics, opinions are also split right down the middle. For Brown, Shields is “far from a Nazi.”

“I mean more power to Jake,” Brown said on MMA’s The Fighter vs. The Writer. “This guy was talking shit to him and I know Jake says some f–ng crazy shit on Twitter. I’ve followed him for a while. He says some shit that no one’s going to agree with but you don’t go calling people Nazis and shit. Jake is far from a Nazi.

“He might say some shit you don’t agree with. He might be a little out there on some things according to you, or according to someone else, but come on, man. You know you can’t say that shit and then see Jake Shields in person and he’s not going to do anything. So f–k Mike Jackson.”

“The Immortal” seems to adhere to the “talk shit, get hit” mentality, stating Jackson shouldn’t have resorted to name-calling.

“He called him a f–ng Nazi. Like how you disagree with him, you wouldn’t start calling him names. You’d say I disagree because of this. As soon as you start insulting people, especially professional fighters, again you’re opening that door now. Even more so if you’re a professional fighter. You’re opening that door even more.

“I’d say it to Mike Jackson’s face. You’re a f–ng pussy. You say that shit to Jake Shields online and you got your ass whooped. Suck it up. Those are fighting words that you said. You opened the f–ng door, bro. You can’t accept those consequences, you’re a pussy and you’re going to start pressing charges?

“You said fighting words and you got into a fight about it. You lost the fight. Fair enough. Jake’s a f–ng bad dude. He’s a tough son of a bitch. A lot of people are going to lose a fight to him. There ain’t no shame in that.”

On the flip side, Shields had stated that he had spoken to a lawyer about possibly filing a defamation lawsuit.