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Coach expects ‘big, big things’ from Francis Ngannou in 2023, teases ‘galactic’ UFC return

Coach Dewey Cooper expects ‘big things’ from Francis Ngannou next year.

Dewey Cooper expects a ‘galactic’ return for Francis Ngannou in 2023, with the former kickboxing champion turned MMA coach stating that ‘The Predator’ will be better, stronger, and more athletic than he was before his injury.

Cooper didn’t reveal exactly when Ngannou will be making his comeback but promised ‘big, big things’ in his return, teasing a new and improved version of the heavyweight champion, one that is ready to shatter all expectations and dominate in the Octagon.

“This version of Francis will be better than the last version of Francis before he injured the knee. It’s going to be something that’s galactic,” Cooper said in a recent video (h/t Harry Kettle). “We’re expecting Francis to be better, stronger, more athletic, more everything. He expects the same thing, so it’s definitely going to happen.”

“Whenever something is smart and official, we’ll make sure that we do the right things to have him at his very best,” he added. “2023, we’ve got some big, big things ahead.”

Ngannou last fought at UFC 270, where he retained his heavyweight title against Ciryl Gane despite fighting with a compromised knee that he later underwent surgery on. He is teased to return to the Octagon in March 2023, with the UFC targeting a superfight with former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.