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Mike Jackson says Jake Shields now ‘banned’ from UFC PI after brawl, will file assault charges

“There are consequences for your white nationalism action, my guy.”

Jake Shields during the UFC 171 weigh-in in 2014.
Jake Shields during the UFC 171 weigh-in in 2014.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

On Friday, Jake Shields and Mike Jackson got into it at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas. Shields himself posted the video on his Twitter, while providing a bit of a backstory from his side.

Jackson, of course, retorted and gave his own version of what happened within the confines of Twitter’s 280-character limit. But over the weekend, he was given the chance to give a more detailed account in an interview with MMA Junkie.

“He looks like a f–ing gorilla, Jake Shields,” said Jackson, who also revealed being fresh off face surgery after his last knockout loss in October. “He’s probably 230, 240 (pounds) right now just steroided up.

“He’s just looking at me. … I understand the beef he and I have on social media, but in my mind, I’m like, ‘We’re at the PI in a business setting.’ I know he’s not in the UFC, so therefore he’s a guest at the PI.”

Jackson claimed Shields spit on him twice and slapped him on the top of the head as he was gathering his things to leave.

“In my mind, I’m so frustrated at the situation, because I can’t really do anything. I can’t do anything for health reasons for my own purposes (because of the face surgery), plus I’m at the PI. I don’t know what their protocol is, if I engage with him, if they’ll kick us both out.”

Jackson admitted to calling Shields a Nazi, which supposedly ignited the altercation. But he is feeling a certain level of satisfaction with how he was able to handle himself.

“When they finally got him up, he had blood coming down his face,” Jackson said. “I know the motherf–er spit on me, which was so disrespectful and such a f–ng white nationalist thing to do; I washed that off.

“But when Jake Shields looks in the mirror every day, whether he goes blind – because I don’t know if I hit the eyeball or it was on the skin – whenever he looks in the mirror and sees that little abrasion, he’s going to remember me. He’s going to remember the anti-Nazi Mike Jackson.”

Jackson adds that staff members of the UFC PI told him that Shields would be banned from the premises following the incident. He is also planning to press assault charges.

“(The UFC staff was) like, ‘He’s banned. Jake Shields is banned. He can never come back here, so what you wanna do? He can’t come back to the PI. Do you want to leave it at that or press charges?’

“All of this is assault. Apparently, the dude is running around saying I punched him or I threw a punch or something. None of that’s true. Here’s why I know it’s true: I didn’t throw a punch at the guy, and all of this is on video.”

“You can’t go around doing thuggish shit and expect there to be no consequences.

“Jake Shields has to understand there are consequences for your white nationalism action, my guy. And you are going to suffer that. You can be upset, but you have no one to blame other than yourself.”

Shields likewise told MMA Fighting that he would be filing defamation charges against Jackson.