2022 Bloody Elbow staff picks final standings

Heading into the last UFC event of the year it was really anyone's game. Zane was leading, but Kristen, Dayne, Stephie or myself could have leapfrogged him if things went our way. However, despite some of us doing well (not me, by the way) at UFC Vegas 66, Zane did what he needed to do to take home the crown. So let's hear it for Zane, who is the 2022 Bloody Elbow staff picks champ!

Props to Anton, though, who finished the 2022 season with the highest winning percentage on his picks.

Final standings

1. Zane 104-54 (.658)

2. Kristen 99-48 (.679)

3. Dayne 98-57 (.632)

4. Stephie 96-62 (.607)

5. Bissell 94-64 (.595)

6. Anton 60-27 (.690)

7. Victor 36-17 (.679)

8. Lewis 19-14 (.576)

9. Chris 14-26 (.400)

10. Tim 4-9 (.308)

Note: These numbers are just for picks made as of September 3 (when I inherited the staff picks assignment here at BE).

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