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‘You shouldn’t waste energy thinking about it’ — GSP tells Paddy Pimblett to ignore fallout over latest UFC controversy

We caught up with UFC legend Georges St-Pierre ahead of the Karate Combat 37 event.

Georges St-Pierre Karate Combat 37 video scrum

UFC legend Georges St-Pierre has been brought in by Karate Combat as an ambassador. Bloody Elbow had the chance to catch up with the UFC’s former welterweight and middleweight champion on the set of Karate Combat 37 at the back lot of Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

GSP discusses an array of topics ranging from his pick in the main event between Raymond Daniels and Rafael Aghayev, how the influx of MMA fighters might affect the landscape of Karate Combat, and even touches on his thoughts on Jake Paul trying to start a fighters union. Since we were at Universal Studios, GSP even disclosed why he doesn’t like to ride roller coasters.

When it came to a fighters’ union, the former UFC champ outlined what he thinks such an organization would need to be successful.

“I think it would need someone who do it not for the money or the fame, but do it purely because he loves the sport and he wish the sport to get better,” he said. “Yeah, I think it could be something very good. There are a lot of other groups who are trying to start something, but I think we need to dig more to see who is behind it, there’s more investigation to make. But if there is a group who is serious and wants me to be apart of it, I will always be the guy who try and do what is best for the conditions of the fighters.”

St-Pierre was also asked about some recent UFC fights, including Stephen Thompson’s karate infused win over Kevin Holland last weekend. “Karate works!” proclaimed GSP, who then reminded us all he won multiple world titles with that discipline as his base.

He was also asked if he had any advice for Paddy Pimblett, whose unanimous decision win over Jared Gordon has prompted an investigation over poor judging. St-Pierre told Pimblett not to pay that side of the sport any attention.

“Fighting is very subjective thing,” offered the Hall of Famer, who had a notable close decision go his way towards the tail end of his career. “That’s why sometimes it leads to different opinions on the matter. Sometimes there are things that affect the opinion of the opinion of the judging, like the commentator for example or the other people around you, what they are saying or your heart is with someone so you have the tendency to watch more that guy than the other guy and put yourself more in that guy’s shoes than the other guy.

“So what I can say is, control what you can control and try to forget about what people think. I know it’s very hard as a fighter, that we care so much, we have so much pride and we want to show the world, but that’s the hardest thing. You need to focus on what you can control. You have the power to only control the thing that you have control over. The other things that you have no control over, you shouldn’t waste energy thinking about it.”

The event is scheduled to start at 7:00pm ET/4:00pm PT and will be streaming live and for free on the promotion’s YouTube channel (link at bottom of page).

Main card:

Raymond Daniels vs. Rafael Aghayev: Interim Welterweight Title

Eoghan Chelmiah vs. Jesus Lopez: Bantamweight Title

Gabriel Varga vs. Tommy Azouz: Lightweight

Samuel Ericsson vs. Tarek Khelifi: Lightweight


Rob Buxton vs. Sasha Palatnikov: Middleweight

Andres Madera vs. Maciej Tercjak: Lightweight

Maximo Nunez vs. Gabriel Stankunas: Bantamweight

Gabo Diaz vs. Samy Ennkhaili: Lightweight

Disclosure: Karate Combat covered the author’s travel expenses for this event.