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Video: Jake Paul drops YouTube star in sparring session

Check this clip of Jake Paul dropping Faze Clan star Deestroying in a sparring session.

Jake Paul is back, working on his boxing skills in preparation for his next fight. But, despite a proposed $1 million sparring match against Paddy Pimlbett, it’s not ‘The Baddy’ he’s facing off against. Instead, the 6-0 social media star turned boxer put up a clip of some rounds he did wiht Faze Clan member, Deestroying.

In the clip, Faze Dee gets backed up into corner with Paul pressing him. Someone shouts out ‘30-seconds,’ to prompt both men to push hard for the end of the round. That’s when Paul lands a clean left hand to the head that staggers Dee, and follows that up with a wicked two-piece to the midsection. It was a right hook to the body and a left hook to the liver that put Faze Dee down on the mat. Unsurprisingly, he was done after that exchange.

Deestroying is a social media influencer that doesn’t appear to have any boxing experience to speak of. Hardly a shocking opponent for Paul, though—who has made a combat sports career out of competing against non-boxers.

It’s nearly impossible to predict who Jake’s next actual opponent will be in the ring, but history tells us that it won’t likely be a seriously experienced pro. Current frontrunners are former UFC title contender Nate Diaz or the half-brother of heavyweight champion boxer Tyson Fury, Tommy Fury.