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Darren Elkins discloses a slew of serious injuries sustained at UFC Orlando

Darren “The Damage” Elkins endured some pretty serious injuries in his decision loss to Jonathan Pearce at UFC Orlando.

What’s the toughest substance on planet earth? Diamond you say? Wrong! The correct answer is longtime UFC veteran Darren Elkins. This unbelievably durable gentleman lived up to his nickname “The Damage” last weekend at UFC Orlando when he sustained several leg injuries in a unanimous decision loss to Jonathan Pearce. Elkins recently posted a photo on social media with him in a wheelchair while on vacation on the Turks and Caicos Islands, with the caption explaining the various injuries.

Elkins stated that he tore his meniscus, and tore his MCL when he snagged his first takedown against JSP. If those injuries aren’t severe enough on their own, he also confessed that he broke his fibula in the match as well. If anything, this echoes the insane toughness and durability possessed by Darren. For him to be able to last three rounds with those injuries without being finished is downright miraculous.

It might be because he’s typically covered in blood, but Elkins also has a spectacular poker face. Watching the fight, it’s hard to tell that he was even battling through those injuries. If JSP was privy to those injuries, then perhaps he could have pushed harder for a finish. Still, props to Elkins for making it to the final bell.

Leg breaks take a long time to heal up, and there really isn’t a healthy way around that, so don’t expect to see the 27-11 Elkins competing in the Octagon anytime soon. On the bright side, though, Darren appears to be in good spirits, and he said that he still had a great vacation with his family. If you have to nurse some leg injuries, what better place than paradise on the Turks and Caicos Islands?