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‘Not human’ - Green says state sponsored doping ‘bred’ UFC champ Islam Makhachev, Dagestani fighters

“They’ve been bred to do this.” 

Bobby Green and Islam Makhachev face off for their UFC Fight Night headliner in February.
Bobby Green and Islam Makhachev face off for their UFC Fight Night headliner in February.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Veteran Bobby Green was one of the names that current UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev had to go through to earn his path to the title and eventually win it. The two headlined UFC Vegas 49 in February, where the Dagestani won via TKO inside one round.

The 36-year-old King will be back in action this weekend at UFC Vegas 66 against Drew Dober. During the media scrum on Wednesday, he talked about a few things, including some insights on the Makhachev fight.

“People are like, ‘he was really strong!’ It makes sense now,” Green told the media, speaking about Makhachev. “There’s two people that I moved around with... I’m not gonna say their names. But I was, like, ‘That’s interesting.’ I moved with thousands of guys. That was interesting.

“I told my coach the same thing. ‘There’s something interesting about Islam. And I felt it.’ I’m like, ‘this is not human.’ It makes sense.”

What “makes sense” for Green with regards to Makhachev’s strength and skill is something he says he found online. Connecting the dots, he went on to hint at the possibility of PED use on Makhachev.

“I was f—ng around on my YouTube, and I found this little video. And it said Islam had a little trouble with drugs. But I don’t see people talking about him?

“And so, he was saying when he first came over that his school that he trained at in Russia, they just gave him vitamins. They’ve been doing this since who knows when? When you start training. Imagine if you gave someone steroids from the age of ten, 12, 13, 14, 15, how strong you would be.”

Green wasn’t speaking about the matter in a way that was disparaging towards Makhachev. In fact, he was doing the opposite.

“If I could do drugs… our countries are different. Russia’s been banned from the Olympics. Their country’s a little bit more OK with the drug use. We’re under strenuous drug stuff over here.

“There, it’s a little bit different. They’re behind their fighters. They want them to be stronger. They want them to be more manly. Over here, we don’t. And it’s just what it is. But imagine if I could do that. I would kill everybody.”

Green, who is coming off a six-month suspension due to a failed drug test, says all Dagestani fighters have been “bred” for fighting. That, for him, puts all of them at an advantage.

“It makes sense to me now. I wondered why those Dagestanis were winning so much. They’ve been bred to do this. That’s why they could train a nine-year-old against a bear. They’ve been doing this stuff since (they were) kids. They’ve been bred to be better than us, I’m sorry. So they’re gonna win. It’s just what it is.

“We’re a little too pussified over here. You can’t do that, you can’t do that. Those other countries are trying to do it. And that’s why they’re having so much more success.”

Green and Dober will be part of UFC Vegas 66’s main card, which takes place at the APEX on Saturday, December 17.