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Bobby Green rips ‘amateur fighter’ Paddy Pimblett, would fight him for ‘sh-ts and giggles’

Bobby Green doesn’t think Paddy Pimblett belongs in the UFC.

MMA veteran Bobby Green has branded former Cage Warriors featherweight champion turned UFC lightweight prospect Paddy Pimblett an ‘amateur fighter’ that doesn’t belong in the UFC.

Green’s comments come after Pimblett’s latest performance at UFC 282 where he defeated Jared Gordon via unanimous decision. Although Pimblett won the fight, most pundits had him losing, with 23 of 24 media outlets scoring the bout in favor of Gordon.

If Pimblett is struggling with the likes of Gordon, Green dreads to think how he would fare against a veteran such as himself, suggesting that it would be disrespectful if they were to share the same cage.

“Paddy would never take that fight, Paddy would never take that fight, okay. I know for a fact he would never take the fight,” Green told Eurosport. ahead of Saturday’s matchup with Drew Dober. “He doesn’t have enough skills to even dance with me. It would actually be disrespectful if they put him in there with me. I’d have to get rid of him really fast because it would be disrespect if we are in the same cage. He doesn’t even belong there, I actually think he’s an amateur fighter, he’s not even a professional, he’s an amateur.”

But still, Green wouldn’t say no to a possible fight with Pimblett, admitting that it would be fun to fight ‘The Baddy’ for ‘sh-ts and giggles’.

“Of course, I would take it, I would take the easy money,” he said. “At the same time, it wouldn’t do anything for my brand after I did it,” Green said. “It would be like, well he was supposed to. It wouldn’t do anything for me but I’d do it for shits and giggles.”

Green returns to the Octagon this Saturday when he takes on Drew Dober at UFC Vegas 66 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.