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BJJ vs World’s Strongest Man - Watch Gordon Ryan take on giants Thor Bjornsson, Martins Licis

Gordon Ryan was dwarfed by two massive World’s Strongest Man winners.

Just a day before his UFC Fight Pass Invitational 3 main event, BJJ star Gordon Ryan still decided to take on two mammoth sized men and World Strongest Man winners.

Ryan, who is one of the best grapplers in the world now, is pretty big and strong in his own right. Standing 6’2 and bulking up to around 230 lbs due to methods widely common in BJJ, Ryan has used that size and a whole lot of technique to go on an incredible unbeaten run in recent years. The jacked BJJ star was still completely dwarfed in his recent training session though, as he trained with two decorated Strongman champs “The Mountain” Thor Bjornsson and Martins Licis.

The Game of Thrones star and 2018 World’s Strongest Man in Bjornsson is 6-foot-9 and has recently slimmed down since that title win when he was around 450 lbs. The 2019 winner in Licis on the other hand, is 6-foot-3 and has gone as high as 360 lbs in his career.

Ryan joked that the session with the two was the most “terrifying night of my life.”

Watch the entertaining session between two massive but inexperienced grapplers going against one of the best in the world.

Size and strength matters a lot and there are weight classes for a reason, but the five-time ADCC champion in Ryan showed again that a massive gap in technique can overcome all of that. The two Strongman stars probably aren’t used to be moved around by other men these days, and both described it as a humbling experience.

“Literally went against the best and got humbled quite badly,” Bjornsson wrote about the session. “This guy is next level!”

Licis on the other hand, called the session an “epic and humbling honor.”