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Jared Gordon proposes Paddy Pimblett rematch in London after controversial UFC 282 decision

Gordon wants another crack at Pimblett after UFC 282. 

With the controversy around the ending of their fight at UFC 282 on Saturday, Jared Gordon wants a rematch with Paddy Pimblett.

Gordon lost to Pimblett by unanimous decision, causing a stir among most fans, fighters and media alike, who agreed the ‘Flash’ was robbed. The ‘Baddy’ disagreed, and told UFC commentator Joe Rogan that he ‘won the first two rounds pretty easily,’ so there should be no controversy. To settle it, Gordon proposed he and Pimblett share the Octagon again.

“With all the controversy with our fight, I’d love to run it back with you in London [Paddy Pimblett],” wrote Gordon on Twitter. “I have no ill will towards you, as a matter of fact, I really like you. [Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy] maybe we can all work together and between Paddy and I, there’s no way we can’t help others and we can beat each other up again in the meantime for everyone’s entertainment!

“The people want it, and we can settle this on your turf,” continued Gordon.

Gordon received a response from Portnoy, who signed Pimblett to a seven-figure sponsorship deal a year ago. The Barstool Sports president wrote he would ‘love to see this fight again,’ especially since he predicts his athlete to go 2-0 against Gordon.

The next UFC event in London is UFC 286, the pay-per-view scheduled for March 18, 2023, at the O2 Arena. Though Pimblett appeared on the past two UFC events at that exact location and venue, there is a possibility he misses out on the third one.

In a video uploaded to his official YouTube channel, Pimblett revealed he might have suffered a few injuries in his recent appearance.

“The next few months depend on how this ankle is,” said Pimblett. ‘We’ll see. I’ve gotta get this MRI’d on Monday, same with my hands, because Jared’s got one of the hardest heads I’ve ever hit. But, you know, we crack on. We’ll see if I can get back in the cage before my wedding in May. I hope I can. As you know, I like being active, so we’ll see.”

Pimblett improved to 4-0 in the UFC with the win over Gordon.