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Diaz would make more money with us than anywhere else - BKFC president wants Nate Diaz vs Mike Perry

BKFC president David Feldman says the ball is now on Nate Diaz’s court in terms of a potential signing.

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Upon Nate Diaz’s departure from the UFC in September, many outside entities immediately expressed their intentions to possibly sign the veteran superstar. One of them is Bare Knuckle FC, and according to organization president David Feldman, they were working “aggressively” to sign the Stockton native.

Three months later, it looks like Feldman is following through. In a recent conversation with MMA Fighting, he says the ball is now on Diaz’s court to make the deal happen.

“The money’s on the table for him. It’s just a matter now of does he want to fight bare knuckle? That’s all it really is.”

Feldman didn’t specify any amount, but made a pretty bold claim saying Nate Diaz will make the most amount of money with BKFC than any other prizefighting endeavor today.

“I’m confident he can make more money with us than he can anywhere else, even fighting Jake Paul. Because if you know what he’s been paying those guys, they’ve been making decent money, don’t get me wrong.

“The pay-per-views have been doing decent and he can get some upside but I think if he fought a guy like Mike Perry with bare knuckles, I think that’s probably his most popular option out there that he’s going to get the most eyeballs on that.”

Feldman backpedaled a bit on his statement about the Jake Paul fight with this justification.

“He could get more on Jake Paul but I think people are getting tired of — not Jake Paul but Jake Paul fighting someone he’s supposed to beat. Not that he was supposed to beat Anderson Silva.

“I’ll tell you he looked very good in that fight and ended up dropping Anderson Silva, which really, really impressed me, but we’re talking about Nate now. Nate is someone I’d love to get.

“It’s someone that I think if he could crossover to this he would bring a lot of MMA fans into this organization and I think it would be a great acquisition.”

Diaz last fought at UFC 279 against fellow fan-favorite Tony Ferguson, whom he defeated via fourth-round submission.