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It’s an 18+ event! - BKFC’s Tai Emery slams ‘Karens’ for getting her in trouble for viral flashing

“This is an 18+ event, so just don’t watch.”

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Tai Emery flashed the audience after her BKFC win.
Tai Emery flashed the audience after her BKFC win.

In September, Australian bare-knuckle boxer Tai Emery went viral for her post-fight celebration after her BKFC Thailand win. The 35-year-old went on the ropes and flashed the audience after her TKO win over Rung-Arun Khunchai.

After her little stunt made the rounds over the internet, Emery said “it’s only going to get worse.” But apparently, she ran into some trouble with BKFC president David Feldman because of her mini-show.

“I will say one thing, I did get in a lot of trouble with Dave Feldman from BKFC,” Emery told MMA Fighting. “Just for everyone that wanted to know some repercussions — I was in trouble, so thanks everyone, all you Karens, for having a little complaint.

“I’m sorry about that, but this is an 18+ event, so just don’t watch.”

Emery says she was threatened to be fined “millions of bahts” if she did the same thing at BKFC Thailand 4 this Saturday when she faces local fighter, Po Denman. But she isn’t holding anything back.

“So they said that I’m going to be fined if I pull a stunt – that word has been locked in my head, because I’ve been pulled into the principal’s office once again.

“Nothing’s changed. I’ve been told that the stunt that I pulled will not be allowed. They’re talking millions of baht in fines, but what’s good? We’ll see what happens.

“It’s not going to be about topping anything. I think, for me, I’m going to be just as surprised and just as in love of watching a replay of myself being like, ‘Man, what was I thinking?’ Because every moment I feel what’s happening internally and in my environment and just going with it.

“That’s a sense of freedom when you can just be yourself, especially on that sort of stage. That’s a hard thing to do. I’m just going to be myself, and welcome to the shit show, once again.”

BKFC Thailand 4 will be headlined by UFC veteran Rolando Dy, who faces hometown competitor Apisit Sangmuang.