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Manny Pacquiao vs DK Yoo full results, video: Pacquiao dominates

Manny Pacquiao beat up a Korean celebrity martial artist DK Yoo.

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After his failed (and expensive) campaign to become the President of the Philippines, boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is now also heading to the exhibition circuit. Much like his former rival in Floyd Mayweather did, Pacquiao will return to the ring against a YouTuber.

The eight division world champion is competing in South Korea against DK Yoo, a 43-year-old celebrity martial artist. Yoo has his own “Warfare Combat System” and claims to have an extensive background in martial arts, but doesn’t have any pro fights to his name.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but he seems to be more of a celebrity influencer and film fight coordinator than an actual fighter, so Pacquiao shouldn’t have much of an issue despite the size difference.

The event can be streamed live on Fite TV or on the embeds below. Two prelim bouts will be broadcast free starting December 10, at 8 p.m. ET. The PPV portion will start December 10, at 10 p.m. ET, with the ring walk expected to begin at around 1 a.m. ET.

Free live stream for prelims:

PPV card live stream:

The full fight card, videos and complete results are below:

PPV card:

  • Manny Pacquiao def. DK Yoo by Decision (Unanimous)
  • Nico Hernandez def. Jae Young Kim by Decision (Unanimous)
  • Min Wook Kim def. Marcus Davidson by KO, R5
  • Abel Mendoza vs. Min Guk Ju ends in a draw
  • Seung Ho Yang def. Sean Garcia by Decision (Majority)


  • Maurice Lee def. Shin Yong Kim by Decision (Unanimous)
  • Marcell Davidson def. Yoon Bin Han by TKO
  • Hye Su Jang def. Ye Ji Lee by Decision (Unanimous)
  • Heong Kyu Kim def. Nam Shin Kim by TKO, R2