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Graphic: Fighter throws kick, snaps leg immediately

We have another instance of “throws one strike, suffers gruesome break of limb” on our hands. 

Fighter gets leg snapped after throwing leg kick.
Fighter gets leg snapped after throwing leg kick.

Every few months it feels like a new video pops up in the ‘fighter throws a low kick, suffers a gruesome injury’ genre.

There was Willem Smith at EFC 92 in March, Rafael Bastos at Art of Scrap 4 in April and Jack Becker at Eternal MMA 66 in May. And now, we have a new addition to the ever-growing list of fighters who’ve suffered a tough break—literally and figuratively.

This unidentified fighter (I scoured the Internet and tried to find more information on him and the event, but failed. My apologies!) met his opponent and touched gloves. So far, so good, right?

The referee signaled the start of the fight and both men were in the center of the ring, where they exchanged leg kicks. It was clear immediately that the unidentified fighter got the worst of the exchange, as he stumbled and fell to the canvas.

The final seconds of the video showed him on his back with a now-broken leg as the audience looked on at the mortifying scene.

You can see the finish below, courtesy of Twitter user @topmmaclips:

Warning: Video below is graphic. Please proceed with caution.

We have no update on the fighter, but hopefully he is on the road to recovery.