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UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping responds after being called a ‘goofy f-cker’ by Nate Diaz

“Nate Diaz, c’mon mate, what’s your problem?”

UFC Fight Night: Jourdain v Wood
Michael Bisping is a UFC Hall of Famer and a former UFC middleweight champion.
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC

Michael Bisping seems to have touched a nerve with Nate Diaz after picking Jake Paul to beat him in a potential boxing match.

Diaz labeled Clitheroe England’s Bisping a ‘goofy f-cker’ after the UFC Hall of Famer and former middleweight champion suggested Nate would be too small to fight 6-0 YouTube boxer Paul who is coming off the biggest win of his career in the form of a unanimous decision over Anderson Silva.

“The only fight I ever saw by this goofy f–cker. Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me MB,” Diaz posted in a since-deleted tweet that included a picture of Bisping getting knocked out by Dan Henderson.

Bisping, widely considered one of the most entertaining analysts in the sport, responded in a YouTube video questioning the massive chip on Diaz’s shoulder and calling for mutual peace.

“I said perhaps Nate Diaz would lose to Jake Paul… of course, that touched a nerve with Nate Diaz,” Bisping, who retired in 2018, said (h/t MMA News). “He came out on Twitter the other day and said ‘I wanna see one fight this goofy fucker’s ever been in’… showed a picture of me getting knocked out against Dan Henderson. Nate Diaz, c’mon mate, what’s your problem? I didn’t say anything bad; I didn’t say anything disrespectful whatsoever.”

He added: “The reality is the position I’m in…we’re analysts, we’re commentators, we do extracurricular stuff as well… and we talk about the sport and we have to give opinions…sometimes I was right, sometimes I was wrong, but 9 times out of 10 I was offending somebody. I didn’t say anything bad about Nate Diaz, I just said he was the smaller guy and he used to fight at 155. And in a boxing fight he’s going to have all of his skills taken away…and Jake Paul is predominantly a boxer.”

Diaz was chucked out of the Gila River Arena after starting a brawl with Jake Paul’s entourage before his fight with Anderson Silva last Saturday in Glendale, Arizona. Paul won the fight via decision, but Diaz alleged the bout was rigged after claiming UFC legend and pound-for-pound great Silva was on the ‘payroll’.