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Fight Circus IV: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money - Full Metal Dojo returns to life this weekend

Live from Thailand, the Full Metal Dojo experiment of ridiculous violence and outsized fun looks to stretch itself to new extremes.

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Fight Circus has no use for the norms and standards of the combat sports world. And they sure as hell don’t care about daylight savings (there’s your reminder, thank me later). This Saturday night—Sunday morning local time—they’re back with more zany antics. While technically these could be considered ‘fights’ really it’s all just about having as much absurd fun as possible.

Their wild and woolly rule-sets and convoluted combat situations have delivered some intense action in the past. Fans should only expect more surprises with their upcoming card.

Company co-owner Jon Nutt will be at a numerical disadvantage in the main event, facing two opponents at once—in what’s billed as an ‘MMA-symmetrical’ (or ‘Modified Muay Thai’/’Twoey Thai’) bout. What exactly that means isn’t entirely clear, but it seems sure to be extremely ridiculous.

An actual, honest-to-god championship is on the line in the co-main event, with a Muay Thai battle between Andrew Capurro and transgender Thai trailblazer Nong Rose. Nong has been training since about age 8, and is a remarkable talent to check in on regardless of the context. Having her on a show like this is a treat. It’s the only straightforward 1-on-1 fight on the card.

It seems Bob Sapp is back as well, in what is being dubbed the ‘Bob Sapp Challenge.’ What that means, nobody knows. Maybe it involves making funny faces or doing awesome dance routines. Guess we’ll have to tune in in order to find out.

Will Chope is back in action as well. The man formerly known as “The World’s Tallest Featherweight,” the 6’ 4” Chope is in a “Big & Tall“ match—where he and his 76kg (~168lbs) frame take on 130kg (~286lbs) Sam Cassidy. Tall skinny dude with legit striking chops against strong Big Chungus candidate? Sure, take my money! Actually don’t, the event is free.

James Heelan takes on Johnny Tello in a bout where the conditions and stipulations have not been established save for one thing: they have to spin a wheel. Why not? Let it ride.

There’s also an Upstairs/Downstairs fight between a gentleman known as Teetee Denman against two opponents, Tang Mo and Kushal Vyas. Basically, one side can only use their arms, the other can only use their legs. I swear, I’m not making that up.

Finally, a “Living room MMA” fight between Daniel Kerr and a gentleman known as Kyoken. It’s as advertised on the tin, two dudes fighting in a living room, because reasons.

Check out the trailer for the event above.

Fight Circus IV: Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money takes place this Saturday night and goes into Sunday morning for those of us stateside. The event is slated to start at 11:59pm Eastern/8:59pm Pacific and streams totally free, exclusively on Fite.TV.