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Fight Circus IV: Full event replay - all the violence!

Watch the world’s most bizarre combat sports event right here on Bloody Elbow.

Fight Circus is back in our lives with their patented blend of theatrics and head trauma. Fight Circus IV airs at 11:59 and it is completely free on FITE.TV for viewers on the US. You can watch that stream right here! Seriously, check it out, right above where I’m writing.

This free show will have some really bonkers stuff on it. Some of which I’m completely clueless about (What’s a Bob Sapp Challenge?).

Anyways, we’ll find out. Stick around on this page to watch the madness unfold and keep up with the official results and any highlights that we can find. Tell us how you’re liking the show in the comments below.

Full fight card:

Two vs One – MMA Symmetrical: Jon A Nutt vs Bank & No Money

Fight Circus Championship: Andrew Capurro vs Nong Rose

Bob Sapp Challenge

Wheel of Violence: Jonny Tello vs James Heelan

Lethwei Grudge Match – Burmese Bare Knuckle Boxing: Chris Kirsch vs Gligor

Indian Leg Wrestling

Upstairs Downstairs – Only Legs & Only Arms: Tetee Denman vs Tang Mo & Kushal Vyas

Couples Therapy – Siamese Twins Kickboxing: Mecha-Petzilla vs El Two-Pacabra

Board Room Brawl – White Coller Boxing: D. Armitage vs D. Jackson

Domestic Pancrasee – Living Room MMA: Kyoken vs Daniel Kerr