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Jake Paul opens up as strong betting favorite over Paddy Pimblett in possible boxing bout

Jake Paul has opened up as a strong betting favorite over Paddy Pimblett in possible boxing bout.

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YouTube star turned prize fighter, Jake Paul, has been going back and forth with UFC lightweight, Paddy Pimblett, on social media. Since Pimblett is firmly planted in his UFC contract, Paul offered “The Baddy” $1,000,000 if he can beat Jake in a sparring match comprised of five three-minute rounds.

However, on the off chance an actual boxing match between the two ever gets sanctioned, betting odds have been released for Paul vs. Pimblett.

The oddsmakers are strongly favoring Paul over the smaller man in Pimblett in this hypothetical tilt. Of course we are talking about ‘smaller’ in terms of fight weight. We all know how Pimblett likes to balloon up after his UFC contests.

Jake is being listed with a -250 moneyline, and a $100 bet at those odds stands to see a total profit of $40. Known much more for his grappling than his striking, Pimblett is positioned with a +170 underdog line. Dropping a hundred bucks on “The Baddie” could possibly enjoy a total payout of $270.

**The website states that the fight must take place before June 30, 2023 for action, be boxing only with any gloves, and the winner must be declared at ringside.

For those wondering how this fight could ever happen with Pimblett firmly under UFC contract? The precedent has been set for the UFC to cross-promote one of their fighters in a boxing bout. See Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather.

Still, that situation was very different from this one, and it’s really hard to see Dana White doing any sort of boxing business with Jake Paul.

The 19-3 Pimblett remains unbeaten in his UFC run, and is currently booked against Jared Gordon for UFC 282 on December 10th. As for Paul, he is coming off of the biggest win of career after defeating Anderson Silva by way of unanimous decision back in October.

Everyone and their mothers seem to be calling out Jake Paul, and the celebrity pugilist seems to be calling out everyone and their mothers as well. I think it’s safe to say that nobody really knows who will be the next man to stand across from him in the ring, but the chances of it being “The Baddie” appear to be rather low.

Check out the betting odds for Jake Paul vs. Paddy Pimblett, courtesy of

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