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‘Quitter’ - Jorge Masvidal rejects Michael Chandler’s BMF title fight challenge

Jorge Masvidal responds to Michael Chandler’s BMF title fight callout.

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After a Fight of the Night Performance against Dustin Poirier at UFC 281, Michael Chandler made it known that he’s looking for a “BMF” title fight with the UFC’s first and only BMF champ Jorge Masvidal. For Chandler, the Poirier fight along with his highlight reel KO win over Tony Ferguson makes him worthy of a shot at Masvidal’s belt.

“You tell me who the BMF is, you tell me who the fan… if we did a poll right now, who’s the baddest mother fudger in the UFC?” Chandler said. “Tell me that wouldn’t get the juices flowing of the entire mixed martial arts world.

“Michael Chandler vs Jorge Masvidal for the BMF belt. The Rock walking in with it over his shoulder and then handing it to me after 15 minutes.”

‘Gamebred’ has now responded to the idea in a recent conversation with MMA Fighting. Long story short, he’s not liking it.

“Michael Chandler’s a quitter, man. That’s like the first thing to being a BMF. I saw him fight my boy Will Brooks, and Will Brooks hit that motherf–r so hard he just quit in the middle of the [fight]. He turned back, shook his head, and was like, ‘Nah, I’m done fighting.’

“BMF my ass. That’s the first rule of being a BMF—you can’t be a quitter. You might lose, but you can’t give up on yourself. You can’t quit. That conversation for the BMF belt? No, it ain’t happening. C’mon Chandler: I know you don’t have a good perception of the world, but that’s not happening.”

Chandler lost to Poirier in a wild fight that saw fans thrilled by both men inside the Octagon. But Masvidal doesn’t seem especially impressed. For him, a fight with Chandler does not do anything for his current standing.

“That fight doesn’t do anything for me in the 170-pound rankings, or [getting to] the belt. If he comes up to the weight class and I hit up with a jab, and he turns into dust—he disintegrates, like one of those old statues that disintegrate to dust—you know what people are going to say? They’ll say, ‘Yeah, you’re supposed [to do that].’

“But let it be a little bit of a fight or anything like that. I don’t see any risk-reward with this fight. Me killing this guy doesn’t do anything for me, or my career, so I really don’t care about it.

“He’s not really a pay-per-view seller either. I’m not saying I won’t entertain it in the future, but to actually say there will be a whole event [built around] it, or whatever he’s plotting in his head? Nah, probably not, bro.”

Masvidal (35-16) hasn’t seen action since his UFC 272 grudge match with Colby Covington, which he lost to rack up three straight defeats. He is also dealing with assault charges after allegedly attacking Covington outside a Miami steakhouse in March. He is set to appear in court on December 5.