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‘Hunter becomes the hunted’ - Israel Adesanya appears on Hot Ones two days after UFC 281 loss

Israel Adesanya took on the wings of death.

Just two days after his tough upset loss to Alex Pereira at UFC 281, Israel Adesanya pushed through with an appearance in the popular YouTube show Hot Ones.

As with the show’s trademark style, the now former middleweight champion discussed various topics while eating increasingly spicy wings. Among those Adesanya spoke about was his latest anime arc after losing the belt in a bout he was already dominating.

“In so many different ways, (anime) has just helped me tell my own story, be the protagonist in my own story, be Player One in my own game. Right now, I’ve already seen the set up for my next storyline,” Adesanya said on Hot Ones. “The hunter becomes the hunted. Certain characters in certain animes, I draw inspiration from.”

Other UFC stars to have appeared in previous episodes of Hot Ones include Ronda Rousey, Kamaru Usman, Dustin Poirier, and Derrick Lewis.