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Video: Shirtless John Fury challenges Jake Paul to a fight after Tommy Fury heckled ringside

Enter shirtless John Fury.

John Fury challenged Jake Paul to a fight after his son Tommy Fury was heckled relentlessly during his exhibition match on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Deji undercard yesterday in Dubai.

Big John, father of undefeated heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and UK reality TV star Tommy Fury, whipped off his shirt and started shadowboxing in the ring while spewing vitriol at YouTuber Paul.

Paul was heckling Tommy during his exhibition with Rolly Lambert which led to a heated verbal exchange between the two social media influencers after the fight.

After Fury got into it with Paul, Big John decided he wanted a piece of the action, telling Paul to cut the mic and step into the ring.

Paul didn’t look fazed, barely reacting to Fury’s bizarre in-ring antics.

‘The Problem Child’ last fought this past October in Arizona. He defeated UFC legend and former middleweight champion Anderson Silva in an eight-round decision, extending his pro record to 6-0. Paul was previously scheduled to fight Tommy Fury earlier this year, but the latter pulled out due to reported US-related travel restrictions.