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UFC 281 video: Chris Gutierrez sends Frankie Edgar into retirement with devastating KO

Check out the full fight video highlights of Chris Gutierrez knocking out Frankie Edgar from the UFC 281 PPV main card.

The UFC 281 PPV main card was the setting where MMA legend Frankie Edgar came up short in his swan song thanks to a surging bantamweight in Chris Gutierrez.

Gutierrez looked fast right away, using fantastic footwork to command the cage. He stung Edgar with a wicked spinning backfist that got the attention of the former lightweight champion. Then, just as Frankie seemed to be recovered and starting pushing forward, Gutierrez met him with a wicked knee up the middle that instantly rendered Edgar unconscious.

This was biggest win of Gutierrez’s career, by far, and sets him up for a massive fight in his next outing. As for the 41-year-old Edgar, he rides off into the sunset at 24-11-1 as a former UFC lightweight champion that competed at the top of three different divisions — since joining the promotion in 2007. Salute!

Check out our description of Chris Gutierrez knocking out Frankie Edgar:


Gutierrez connected early with a flush spinning backfist that stunned Edgar. The former champ seemed to recover really quickly, and went back to pressuring. Just as Edgar was coming forward, Gutierrez lifted up his knee and connected right on the jaw of Edgar. Frankie went out on impact, and that was that. In a classy move, Gutierrez elected to not followup.

Chris Gutierrez def. Frankie Edgar by KO at 2:01 of round 1: Bantamweight