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Publicity stunt? Jake Paul faces off with Andrew Tate, claims they’re in ‘negotiations’

Jake Paul and Andrew Tate have officially met face-to-face.

Jake Paul’s unanimous decision victory over MMA G.O.A.T. Anderson Silva left the world wondering who would be next to take a shot at the YouTuber turned prizefighter. Well, Paul just released a clip of himself having a staredown with prizefighter turned controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate. The video came with a caption that read ‘Negotiations,’ and he @’d his Most Valuable Promotions business.

It seemed as though Nate Diaz was going to be next in line, with both Nate and Jake calling for a match with the other man in their last respective post-fight interviews. Betting odds were released shortly after Paul defeated Silva, regarding who would be the next opponent for the Paul brother, and Diaz was favored. Out of the 15 names mentioned that could be wagered on, none of them were Andrew Tate.

For those that don’t know, Tate was a kickboxer, and recently blew up on social media by spanning the spectrum from tame to insane. Andrew was eventually banned on all social media platforms for his outlandish and misogynistic takes and violating policies on hate speech.

Could this just be a publicity stunt? Is this a ploy for Tate to get back in front of a sizable audience, or is it really going to happen? I guess the bottom line here is that it doesn’t appear as though Jake will be boxing a boxer in his next outing, regardless of who it is.