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Alistair Overeem vs Badr Hari 3 - Glory Collision 4 live results, video stream, how to watch

Everything you need to know about Glory Collision 4: Alistair Overeem vs Badr Hari 3.


Alistair Overeem and Badr Hari will complete their trilogy and rivalry that spans 13 years. The heavyweight kickboxers will battle to headline Glory Collision 4.

Overeem and Hari are 1-1 with each other, with their first match happening back at the end of 2008 in Japan. Overeem pulled off a huge upset in their original meeting, knocking out Hari in the very first round. Their second meeting was a year later, in the 2009 K-1 World Grand Prix semi-final round, with Hari getting revenge and badly dropping Overeem twice and securing a TKO with the two knockdown rule.

Hari is 37 and will be coming in as the favorite, while the UFC veteran is Overeem is now 42.

Join us for this third meeting, with the Glory Collision 4 event starting at 12:30 p.m. ET with a free prelims live stream on the embed below. The main card will start at 2 p.m. ET, and it can be viewed on an online PPV on Glory’s official website.

Main event walkouts for Overeem and Hari are expected to happen sometime around 4:30 p.m. ET.

The full Glory Collision fight card and results can be seen below:

Main Card:

Alistair Overeem def. Badr Hari via Unanimous Decision (29-26, 28-27x4)

Round 1: Both men fired a lot of punches. Later in the round Hari’s low kicks came into play. Nothing decisive but I score it 10-9 for Hari.

Round 2: Hari was leading early but Overeem hurt him with an uppercut to steal the round. 10-9 Reem, 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Overeem knocked Hari down with a right and just mauled Hari following the count. 2 knockdowns wins the fight for Overeem.

Tiffany van Soest def. Sarah Moussaddak via Unanimous Decision (48-47x4, 49-46) [Super bantamweight title]

Sergej Maslobojev def. Tarik Khbabez by Split Decision (48-47x2, 47-48x2, 49-46) [Light heavyweight title]

Tyjani Beztati def. Stoyan Koprivienski via Split Decision (48-47x3, 49-46x2)[Lightweight title]

Petchpanomrung def. Abraham Vidales via Unanimous Decision (49-46, 50-45x4) [Featherweight title]

Levi Rigters def. Kevin Tariq Osaro by Unanimous Decision (29-28x5)


Cesar Almeida def. Serkan Ozcaglayan by Unanimous Decision (29-26x5)

Donegi Abena def. Felipe Micheletti by Unanimous Decision (30-27x5)

Sergej Braun def. Michael Boapeah by Majority Decision (28-28x2, 29-27x2, 30-26)