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‘They deserve not to have to work again’ - Aspinall wants Nate Diaz, other vets to make more money

Tom Aspinall hopes Nate Diaz makes as much money as possible.

UFC 279: Diaz v Ferguson Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

We still don’t know what Nate Diaz will do next, but as he completed his UFC contract and tests the open market, there’s a lot of people rooting for his success. That includes heavyweight rising star Tom Aspinall, who believes Diaz and other long term UFC veterans deserve massive paydays.

“I want to see Diaz make as much money as he can because he deserves it,” Aspinall told Midnite. “As far as I know, his contract with the UFC is up and he’s not resigned.

“These veterans who have had as many fights as they’ve had - I want to see them make as much money as they can because they deserve it. They deserve not to have to work again.”

As for what’s next, Diaz spoke about moving into other sports such as boxing or jiujitsu, but Aspinall says he wants to see the Conor McGregor trilogy instead.

“I’d like to see Conor versus Nate Diaz for the third time, I’d love to see that. I’m a big Diaz fan and he looked great in his last fight. I think that would definitely be a fight that everybody would like to see.

“I think Diaz would win the third one. He’s looked very consistent recently, even though he’s taken a couple of losses, he’s looked good in the losses and Conor’s not looked himself, to be honest, but you never know.

“The layoff might do him good. The injury might do him good. He might come back refocused and it would be a very interesting fight - but I think Diaz wins.”