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Full Fight Video: Kyoji Horiguchi puts Yuto Hokamura to sleep at RIZIN 38

Horiguchi is back in the win column with this stunning finish. 

Kyoji Horiguchi was tested in his return to RIZIN, but turned things around and added another highlight-reel finish to his resume.

Horiguchi fought Yuto Hokamura in the main event of RIZIN 38 this past September. The pair exchanged kicks in the beginning of the first round, before Hokamura caught Horiguchi coming in with a brutal left hand that sent him to the canvas. Hokamura tried to follow up with a few punches, but Horiguchi returned to his feet and circled out of the way of any danger. A flying knee attempt from Hokamura was thwarted by Horiguchi, who used the momentum to get him down and work on a submission. In the final minute of the round, Horiguchi connected with a right hand and got Hokamura down again, posturing up and firing off punches before the bell signifying the end of the round sounded.

Horiguchi shot in for an early takedown in the second round, where he began softening up Hokamura with punches and elbows before sinking in the arm-triangle choke. After a few gurgles from his opponent, Horiguchi told the referee he was out — and he was. The American Top Team (ATT) representative was declared the winner by way of second-round technical submission.

You can watch the entire fight above, courtesy of RIZIN FF on YouTube.

The 31-year-old returned to the win column after consecutive losses to Sergio Pettis and Patchy Mix in Bellator. Prior to those losses, Horiguchi finished Kai Asakura to win the RIZIN bantamweight championship at RIZIN 26.