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Schaub responds to Rogan, slams Dana White and Mark Zuckerberg for private UFC event

Brendan Schaub went on a long rant about Mark Zuckerberg’s UFC Vegas 61 appearance while issuing an indirect response to Joe Rogan.

UFC analyst Joe Rogan was recently critical of his friend, former heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub. Rogan specifically criticized Schaub for a “dumb” conspiracy theory about UFC 279.

“It’s so dumb. I didn’t talk to him about that, but first of all, he’s wrong. He’s wrong about the theory.

“He needs a handler. He needs someone like me around him all the time. ‘What are you gonna do? No, no, no; here’s why.’ And he’ll go, ‘Yeah, you’re right.’”

Schaub, who has his own platform through a YouTube show, issued a response without naming names.

“The other thing that irks me, even more, is Dana lies about it. And then people will get mad at me, ‘Oh come on! You think Dana and the UFC would actually do something like that? Brendan needs a handler!’

“Do I? Or does your boy need a handler? I’m not the one playing grab ass with Mark Zuckerberg. Letting him rent out Thicc Boy Studios, shutting it down for his entertainment. You should’ve run that by me.

“I don’t need a handler. These guys need a handler!”

Despite Dana White’s denial, Zuckerberg was all over the UFC’s social media page during the event. This led to Schaub going on a rant about it.

“Somebody should’ve gotten in the ear of Dana and Mark Zuckerberg, like ‘Hey, you two rich, privileged f—ks, come over here! Do not ban the media, do not not allow fans to attend this event. It affects the fighters!’

“Just because the guy’s a billionaire and stole a f—ng app called Facebook off two twins doesn’t make this guy special. He became a fan last f—ng week. Quit posting shit. You’re driving away your fanbase.”

UFC Vegas 61’s headliner featured a strawweight fight between Mackenzie Dern and Yan Xiaonan, which the latter won via majority decision. According to Schaub, Zuckerberg gave the fight a thumbs down.