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Dana White shows off ripped physique; Paulo Costa says it’s because of his ‘secret juice’

Dana White made some lifestyle changes because of a recent health scare, but Paulo Costa has some other opinions about it.

Dana White during the ceremonial weigh-ins at UFC 277 in July.
Dana White during the ceremonial weigh-ins at UFC 277 in July.
Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

If you’ve seen his recent Instagram post, Dana White appears to be defying Father Time. The 51-year-old UFC president appeared ripped with six-pack abs, which of course drew attention from fans.

White’s physical progress came after a conversation with a doctor, who apparently gave him 10.4 years to live.

“My triglycerides are like 764—they should be down between 80 and 150—and everything else that could possibly be bad is bad,” he said. “(The doctor) gave me 10.4 years to live. This was 16 weeks ago. And he says, ‘If you don’t change these things that you’re gonna do, this is your life expectancy right now.’”

After a drastic lifestyle change, which likely lessens his Friday specials, White says he’s seen a massive improvement.

“No more sleep apnea, I don’t snore anymore. Everything is gone in 10 f–ng weeks. I’ve been working with doctors for 10 years that couldn’t do it.

“I feel like I’m 35 years old again. Swear to god, I feel like I’m 35 again.”

But according to UFC middleweight contender Paulo Costa, his boss’ new physique is all thanks to his “secret juice.”

“Borrachinha” has been on the receiving end of PED accusations, but save for a six-month suspension due to IV use, he never failed a drug test. As for his “secret juice,” he still refuses to spill the details.

“Secret juice, the people think it’s just a joke but no, I really drink this and this help me a lot,” he said in a previous MMA Hour appearance. “I put a mix of ingredients here that helps me.

“If I tell you the whole thing I have here it will no longer be secret, understand? It will be ‘revealed juice.’ The people start to call me Chad. I think Chad is a nice guy.”