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Tommy Fury’s father slams Jake Paul for fighting ‘hand-picked geriatric’

Tommy Fury’s father John has something to say about Jake Paul’s Saturday night win over MMA legend Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul knocks down Anderson Silva during their boxing match on Saturday.
Jake Paul knocks down Anderson Silva during their boxing match on Saturday.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Celebrity boxer Jake Paul notched the most significant win of his budding pro career on Saturday night against former UFC champion and future Hall of Famer Anderson Silva. “The Problem Child” even scored a knockdown on “The Spider” in the eighth and final round, marking the second time the latter has been dropped inside the boxing ring since his debut in 1998.

But as expected, there are those who were left unimpressed by Paul’s win. One of those critics is Tommy Fury’s father John, who particularly slammed the 25-year-old for fighting a man nearly twice his age.

“This man [Tommy] is fighting here, at least he’s a proper fighter,” he said (H/T MMA Mania). “He trains as a boxer. All he’s fighting, he’s had seven pro fights against proper opposition. Not some hand-picked geriatric that needs a Zimmer frame [walker] to get in the ring.”

Paul and the younger Fury were slated to face each other in August in NYC. The fight was subsequently scrapped when Fury was banned from entering the United States for having alleged ties with Irish mob boss Daniel Kinahan.

But that didn’t stop the elder Fury from hyping up a fight between the two young boxers.

“If any of my sons was fifty years old and doing that, I’d say ‘Listen, have a day off, give your head a wobble. ‘Alls you’re going to do is make a fool of yourself and entertainment for other people. You’re making the other man that’s useless look good.’

“Jake Paul can’t fight. [Tommy] will knock Jake Paul out with one punch. And I’ll say it now on camera: Jake Paul will get knocked out with the first right hand that he throws, and I’ll put money on it.”

Paul, who is now 6-0 as a pro boxer, called out Nate Diaz and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez after his win.