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Jake Paul and Anderson Silva make a bet about trying to disrupt UFC business

Jake Paul and Anderson Silva shook on a bet that could potentially change everything.

Jake Paul v Anderson Silva - Press Conference Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Saturday night, YouTube star turned prizefighter Jake Paul will box UFC legend Anderson Silva. At the press conference for this matchup, the two agreed to a huge bet that if actually done right, could completely change the way the UFC operates with their fighters.

Paul initiated the wager by opening with, “If you win, I’ll give you something that you probably want.” To which Silva instantly interrupted, “Okay, you start again. No tattoos. No tattoos.”

Paul followed up by stating, “No if you win, I will fight you in an MMA fight.” The UFC’s former middleweight champ responded with, “Whoa! You’re so smart because I don’t fight MMA anymore. You’re so smart.”

Paul then fired back with a contingency plan, “Kickboxing. Kickboxing.” To that Silva agreed, “Kickboxing. Alright kickboxing.”

In what could completely revolutionize the way the UFC deals with its fighters, Jake proposed “If I win, me and you come to gather to create a united fighters association to help UFC fighters get better pay, and better healthcare. You become the interim president, and we unite to help these fighters once and for all.”

Without hesitation, the MMA legend said, “Deal,” followed by a handshake to make it official.

For what it’s worth, both fighters can actually help UFC fighters regardless of who wins this fight, if they really wanted to.

In an interview with us back in June of this year, UFC legend Georges St-Pierre called for someone who ‘doesn’t care about the money’ to unify fighters. Silva is MMA royalty and has the respect of most fighters. Paul has access to deep pockets, and clearly has it out for UFC president Dana White. Could we actually see those two together, and have exactly what GSP was asking for?