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Full replay: Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva press conference

The final press conference before the biggest (and most bizarre) fight of the weekend.

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva: Press Conference

This weekend Jake Paul is set to take on a legitimate combat sports legend in the form of former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva. The fight happens live on Showtime PPV in the US and Fite.TV for much of the rest of the world.

It’s been positively cordial between Paul and Silva thus far, with both man doing nothing to assuage the feeling that either sees this as a simple business opportunity. There’s been no bad blood or tattoo-bets for this one, just genuine shared excitement to perform and get paid. It’s kinda refreshing.

This is of course a lot different from Paul’s previous opponents. The influencer turned boxer had fiery exchanges with past opponents Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley. And there’s also been plenty said between him and Tommy Fury, who has been matched up against Paul twice only to fall out of the fight.

The final press conference between these two goes live at 5 pm ET today. You can watch the entire thing here. Maybe there will be some shots fired. But most likely it will just be another change to see happy Anderson Silva beam about the freedom he has to pursue fights like this.