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47-year-old Anderson Silva ‘definitely not’ retiring after Jake Paul fight

“I don’t know when I go stop.”

Fighting may be a young man’s game, but there are those outliers who continue to defy Father Time. At 47 years old, former UFC champion Anderson Silva found a second win in his career, this time inside the boxing ring.

“The Spider’s” next assignment is against Jake Paul, who’s been on a hot streak and is 22 years his junior. And whatever the result may be, Silva doesn’t see himself hanging it up just yet.

“No, definitely not,” Silva told TMZ Sports when asked about retirement. “I talk to one of my coaches — the jiu-jitsu coach — to fight jiu-jitsu. Gi, in Dubai. I talked to my coach Ramon Lemos, and maybe that’s the next challenge for me.

“I don’t know when I go stop. I know one day I go stop. But not now. I try to challenge myself every day. Especially now that my kids start fighting and I help my kids, and sometimes, I need to do sparring with my kids.”

For Silva, pushing himself and training against younger fighters like his 23-year-old son Kalyl is a challenge he welcomes.

“I continue doing something special. Not about prove nothing for anybody. It’s just challenge for myself. Training with young kids, training with the young generation.”

Silva vs. Paul happens this weekend in Glendale, Arizona under Showtime Boxing.