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Boxing odds: Uriah Hall opens as massive betting favorite over ex-NFL star Le’Veon Bell

Here are the betting odds for the upcoming professional boxing co-debut match between former UFC middleweight Uriah Hall, and former NFL star Le’Veon Bell.

Uriah Hall has opened up as a massive betting favorite over ex-NFL star Le’Veon Bell
Uriah Hall has opened up as a massive betting favorite over ex-NFL star Le’Veon Bell
Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

At the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva card on October 29th, former ranked UFC middleweight, Uriah Hall, will be squaring off with ex-NFL star, Le’Veon Bell — in what will be both of their professional boxing debuts. We now have betting odds for this unexpected matchup.

Online gambling website has the much more experienced fighter in Hall listed as a -600 mega-favorite. He’s new to boxing, but Uriah is known in the combat sports world for being a complete striker. Bell has already had a boxing exhibition match, but this will be his first professionally sanctioned fight. The former Pittsburgh Steeler’s running back is being offered up with a stout underdog tag of +350. No prop bets have been released yet for this contest.

It’s hard to not favor Hall here. He’s has proven himself as a well-rounded striker inside of the Octagon, and he may not have been completely boxing-focused while doing MMA, but he was still honing crucial striking fundamentals such as footwork, distance management, ring generalship, pace, and especially defense. Bell has athleticism, but he is nowhere near as polished as a Uriah Hall.

Check out the betting odds for Uriah Hall vs. Le’Veon Bell, courtesy of

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