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See how Paulo Costa performs in raw meat eating contest versus the ‘Liver King’

Paulo Costa and Patricio Pitbull took on a raw meat-eating influencer yesterday.

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Paul Costa at the UFC 278 press conference.
Paul Costa at the UFC 278 press conference.
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

UFC middleweight Paulo Costa is at Bellator 286 this weekend, in Long Beach, CA, supporting Patricio Pitbull, who defends the featherweight title against Adam Borics tonight. While there, Costa got involved in a bizarre contest featuring an even more bizarre online influencer.

Check out the video below where Costa, and Patricky Pitball, take on the so-called ‘Liver King’ in a raw liver eating challenge. The goal of the challenge was to be the first to down a pound of raw liver.

Paulo Costa and Liver King Collide In Gross Raw Liver Eating Challenge | MMA Fighting

Liver King, real-name Brian Johnson, is a 45-year-old ‘influencer’ who has rose to prominence thanks to viral videos that feature his workout and raw meat eating regimens.

Johnson’s shtick is that he is rejecting the modernity of cooked meats, something that began happening only... checks notes... two million years ago.

To be fair, that 1.8 million to 2.3 million years ago date range is the earliest theorized start point for when humans started cooking their food. That date range is similar to when humans actually started eating meat altogether, prior to that our diets were mostly fruit, nuts and tubers.

That earliest date is not universally accepted by scientists. However, there is unequivocal evidence of cooking hearths dating back almost 800,000 thousand years.

Some meat products pose no health risks when eaten raw. However, many over meats require cooking to prevent risk of illnesses that can be caused by bacteria and viruses. So if you want to eat raw meat, please look it up beforehand (and don’t solely rely on what someone called ‘Liver King’ says about it).