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Video: Jake Paul transitioning to MMA? Watch ‘Problem Child’ drill leg kicks

Is Jake Paul gearing up for a run in MMA?

The Curious History of Celebrity Boxing: Before Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley

After what happened in December it’s safe to say that we haven’t seen the last of Jake Paul just yet. The YouTuber turned pro boxer got his most impressive victory to date last month when he starched former UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley.

That was Paul’s second win over Woodley, having beaten ‘The Chosen One’ by split decision last summer. The two wins over Woodley have pushed Paul’s pro record to 5-0. Since then Paul has gone at it with UFC President Dana White, with the promoter making a bizarre offer regarding cocaine tests.

Paul has also suggested that he might be ready to enter the world of MMA, having engaged in some chatter opposite Jorge Masvidal regarding a UFC sanctioned bout with modified rules. Don’t expect Paul and White to push their rivalry aside and sign up to work together anytime soon, though.

White and the UFC aren’t the only game in town, though. Bellator’s Scott Coker saw where this whole thing was headed a long time ago. He’s been buttering up the Paul brothers’ for a while, picking Paul to beat Ben Askren and talking up the Logan Paul’s wrestling credentials.

And now it seems Paul might be willing to entertain an offer form Bellator. Recently he teased (or trolled) fans with footage of him drilling leg kicks at an MMA gym. He tagged Bellator and PFL on the video.

Since Paul began his dalliance with boxing, many ‘purists’ have hoped to see ‘The Problem Child’ get knocked out cold. When that didn’t happen, many of those watchers thirsted for Paul to enter the cage, with hopes that this is where they’d see the influencer catch a walloping.

Should Paul sign with Bellator, PFL or somewhere else don’t expect him to take on an opponent capable of hurting him. Instead, buckle up and get ready for Paul to do just what he did in boxing; put on a big show against someone he can easily beat (and then laugh his way to the bank).

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