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‘I’m the wrestler, bro’ - Gregor Gillespie rips Tony Ferguson for Michael Chandler callout

Tony Ferguson recently called out Michael Chandler, and Gregor Gillespie isn’t happy about it.

These days, the most activity we see from Tony Ferguson is on social media. But he isn’t wasting time looking for potential opponents. Recently, he issued a callout to Michael Chandler, saying “wrestling season” is officially on.

The tweet caught the attention of number ten-ranked Gregor Gillespie and it rubbed him the wrong way. The 34-year-old NCAA Division I wrestler issued this response through an Instagram video.

“I just got word again from my manager that Tony Ferguson would not accept a fight against me, bro,” Gillespie said. “And then I see you online, Tony? Calling out f—ng Michael Chandler, saying ’It’s wrestling season, bro!’

“Dude, you understand, like, I’m the wrestler, bro. I beat the shit out of Mike Chandler in college, and I will f—k you up in wrestling, too. If you’re looking for the wrestler, bro, accept a fight, dude.

“Calling f—ng Chandler out ‘cause it’s f—ng wrestling season, huh. The f—k outta here, bro. I’m the wrestler.”

Gillespie (14-1), who TKOd Carlos Diego Ferreira in May, is itching to climb further up the rankings. As of right now, he only has his sights set on the former interim champ.

“I need to start climbing, and none of you guys seem to want to f—ng fight. Tony, me and you are f—ng available, dude. We’ve been available since the same f—ng weekend apart. I fought last, then next weekend, then you fought the weekend after. It’s time, bro. Let’s just f—ng do it.

The 37-year-old (25-6) Ferguson is currently on a three-fight skid after an impressive 12-fight win streak over a nine-year run. While he still holds a lot of name value, some of the sport’s notable names believe he may already be past his prime and that he should consider retirement.