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Report: Jake Paul’s latest drug test results leaked to the press

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s private drug test results have been released.

The Curious History of Celebrity Boxing: Before Jake Paul

Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley in devastating fashion in December, knocking the former UFC welterweight champion out cold. The win, his second over Woodley, took the influencer’s pro boxing record to a somewhat impressive 5-0.

Since then Paul has decided to spar one of his favourite opponents, UFC President Dana White. And ‘The Problem Child’ has succeeded in drawing White into a war of words focused on UFC fighter pay, or lack thereof, and allegations of drug use; both performance enhancing and recreational.

Recently White offered to be randomly drug tested by Paul to prove he didn’t have a cocaine problem. Along with that bizarre offer, which White said was good for ten years, the promoter asked if he could randomly test Paul for steroids over a two-year period.

Paul’s response to this weirdness was to promise he would retire from boxing immediately if White promised to give UFC fighters 50% of the company’s annual revenues. That’s far more than the estimated 15% the UFC currently hands out. The NFL, NBA and MLB share close to 50% of revenue with their players. Paul also stipulated that minimum fighter pay per fight needed to be increased from $12,000 to $50,000 and that the UFC provide long term healthcare to all fighters.

White then doubled down on his cocaine testing for PED testing gambit.

Since he is so interested in the Jake Paul side-show featuring squeaky clean fights, White was probably delighted to see that Paul’s latest drug test results—from tests taken in relation to his rematch with Tyron Woodley—have been made public.

The Sun, a British tabloid whose reporting should always be taken with a grain of salt, has claimed that ‘sources’ have leaked both Paul and Woodley’s test results to them. That outlet reported that the results for both men ‘produced negative results for all prohibited substances.’

Those results had been kept private by the Florida Athletic Commission, who cited medical privacy laws.

An FAC official spoke to The Sun about the drug testing, stating: “Both fighters submitted to a urinalysis prior to the bout. The Florida Athletic Commission does not release medical or testing results.”

Before Woodley stepped in, Paul was slated to face Tommy Fury. During the negotiations for that fight, Fury’s father John Fury (who is also the father of Tyson Fury) revealed his frustrations over Paul’s refusal to allow the Voluntary Ant-Doping Administration (VADA) to provide additional drug testing for the contest.

According to available information Paul has never tested positive for a banned substance in any of the athletic commission administered drug tests he has been subject to in his young combat sports career.